GED Classes in Rhode Island

If you are looking for GED classes in Rhode Island, you will be pleased to learn that GED preparation programs are available throughout the state, at a wide variety of locations. These include local high schools, Workforce Learning Centers, the public libraries, community colleges within the state and adult education centers.

Upon successful completion of the Rhode Island GED test, you will be awarded with a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma. This certificate entitles you to all the rights you deserve for potential college or university admissions, as well as future employment.

All GED prep classes in Rhode Island follow the course content that you can expect to see on the Rhode Island GED exam. These course topics include the five key high school areas of Science, Maths, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. Your exams will be held in a series, totaling approximately 7 hours overall.

To find a location nearest you, contact the Rhode Island GED administrator using the following contact details, or click on the city/town nearest you below:

255 Westminster Street,
Room 600 Shepard Building
Providence, RI 02903-3400
Phone: (401) 222-8950

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